Meat Puppets - Slims, San Francisco, CA - 18 April, 1993

This show was sweet. It was really the only time aside from Curt's recent solo outings to see the puppets in an acoustic setting. I also was a huge tease in that it provided a taste of Too High to Die which didn't get released 'till 1994.

It kicked off with the then unheard Coming Down, which always struck a chord with me as a Sonoran version of Moses' thingy in the desert and a nod to the influence of a Jesuit education. The acoustic portion of the set carried through the tenth track and went electric starting with Lake of Fire.

01 - Coming Down.mp3

02 - Severed Goddess Hand.mp3

03 - Up On The Sun.mp3

04 - Shine.mp3

05 - Roof With A Hole.mp3

06 - Plateau.mp3

07 - Swimming Ground.mp3

08 - El Paso.mp3

09 - Lollipop Guild.mp3

10 - White Sportcoat.mp3

11 - Lake Of Fire.mp3

12 - Sam.mp3

13 - Flaming Heart.mp3

14 - Backwater.mp3

15 - Open Wide.mp3

16 - Station.mp3

17 - Things.mp3

18 - Never To Be Found.mp3

19 - Violet Eyes.mp3

20 - Look At The Rain.mp3

21 - Enchanted Porkfist.mp3

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