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Republic of Texas Biker Rally, Austin, TX - 1 June 2007

This is the first posting of what will be a series of postings from the now re-united Brothers Kirkwood. In some emails back and forth with various co-fans of the Meat Puppets, I've heard the word 'reunion', which sort of makes me cringe. It just makes it sound like a crass cash-grab, whereas, when you see them play live again, you'll understand that part of the magic that is Meat Puppets is derived from the musical DNA and joy of playing that the brothers share and unleash onstage. It's bearing witness to someone else's Happy Place.

And to help make things a little more taper-friendly, I'm including a full flac page as well as a zip archive of the complete show in lossless flac format.

And here's a youtube glimpse of Plateau to boot...

This show was generously taped and sent to me by Adam, whose notes I'll share with you (and are included below)

adam . wrote:


I wouldn't mind seeing my show up on your site, I'll let you make the
call. The sound quality on my show is fair. It was an outdoor show,
very windy, and the amps had an audible buzz for most of the show. A bit
of drunk crowd idiocy, a bit of crowd singalong. I'm new to taping, and
I was there to enjoy the show, not necessarily standing in a "sweet
spot" for audio capture.

The band closed the week-long Republic of Texas Biker Rally, which is
just what the title suggests.  Why were the Pups there? I'm
guessing it was a well-paid gig. I think the musical booking was handled
by Frenchy Smith, a friend of Curt's, who gets a little credit on the
new album. There were a handful of Pup fans, and a LOT of drunk people
who just wanted loud rock music.


Republic of Texas Biker Rally
6th Street & Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas



















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