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Meat Puppets - Fillmore, San Francisco, October 29, 1994

This one is really sweet. Nice sound quality and they just seem to be in a real comfortable groove. Only downside I see is that this isn't the complete set according to this. I'll see if I can't round up the rest of the set. 192kbps.

Generously contributed by Keith Mooday.

And Bostrom thusly spake:

> Good stuff. This may be one of our last really good shows. Too bad these 
> mp3s are a tad fast. The voices are a little chipmunky. Maybe the bros were 
> partying on helium before the gig.
> Also too bad that my live tapes are currently in such disarray. I couldn't tell you 
> if the original tape has any more to it or not. Of course, at these SF shows, 
> Davo would get a pretty good chain going of people looking for a line out of 
> the recording deck, so maybe somebody got more than we did. If there's no 
> evidence of a flip, it could have been recorded to a DAT. (Though not by us. 
> We only had a DAT for the 95 gigs.)

01 - We Don't Exist.mp3

02 - Station.mp3

03 - Violet Eyes.mp3

04 - Things.mp3

05 - Oh Me.mp3

06 - Never To Be Found.mp3

07 - Sam.mp3

08 - Another Moon.mp3

09 - Six Gallon Pie.mp3

10 - Severed Goddess Hand.mp3

11 - Sexy Music.mp3

12 - Open Wide.mp3

13 - Backwater.mp3

14 - Look At The Rain.mp3

15 - Up On The Sun.mp3

16 - Popskull.mp3

17 - I Can't Be Counted On.mp3

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