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Meat Puppets - The Warfield Theater, San Francisco 7 August, 1991

Boy, another show :)

Craig graciously sent this one to me and with the craziness in my life at the moment I've only been able to rip the disk and post it. I'm also posting the log from the EAC disc->.wav, the md5 from the mp3 encoding (mkwACT) to 192kbps, and Craig's notes on the show. This show was from when they opened for the Violent Femmes. Amazing sound quality on this one.

When things settle down, I'll actually get a chance to listen to this one, but if you find any egregious encoding errors, let me know and I'll try and get it fixed pronto. Posted 19 August, 2003.

01 - Intro-Six Gallon Pie.mp3

02 - Touchdown King.mp3

03 - Nail It Down.mp3

04 - Another Moon.mp3

05 - Whirlpool.mp3

06 - Forbidden Places.mp3

07 - This Day.mp3

08 - Bali Hai.mp3

09 - Automatic Mojo.mp3

10 - Funnel of Love.mp3

11 - Sam.mp3

12 - Open Wide.mp3

13 - Lake of Fire.mp3

Warfield 7 August, 1991.LOG



As an experiment and by request, here's the shn files.

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